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English Style Fish and Chips                                                             R75

Hake fillet dipped in beer batter and deep fried until golden with

sauce tartar, potato wedges and mixed leaf salad.


Gnocchi with Chicken & Broccoli                                                   R85

Soft gnocchi with tender chicken breast tossed in a light blue cheese, 

rosemary garlic crème and pecorino shavings.

 • Chicken can be omitted for vegetarians


Pecorino and Panko Crusted Chicken Breast Fillet                         R85

Tender chicken breast fillet crusted with Panko crumbs and pecorino

cheese, deep fried until golden served with brandy, wild mushroom

cream sauce and crispy fries.


Audacia Manor Fillet                                                                        R125

Mature fillet of beef topped with red onion marmalade and

camembert cheese, served with Sweet potato wedges and

seasonal vegetables.


Mediterranean Lamb Cutlets                                                            R135

Lamb loin cutlets served with almond, feta and sundried tomato pesto couscous, sautéed courgettes, roasted cherry tomatoes and tzatziki.


Lazy Aged Rump Steak with either:                                                  R115

• 300g mature rump steak served with crispy onion rings,

bacon and cheddar sauce, potato wedges and seasonal vegetables.

• Spicy Durban curry sauce, yellow rice and tomato salsa


Masala Crusted Linefish                                                                    R120

Grilled linefish crusted with masala spice, served with coriander

basmati rice, grilled seasonal vegetables and tomato salsa.


Grilled Artichoke and Roasted Pepper Pasta                                   R75

Penne pasta tossed together with grilled artichoke and roasted

peppers with a creamy white wine sauce and shavings of

Pecorino cheese.


Wild Mushroom Risotto                                                                      R85

Creamy risotto rice with wild mushrooms that have been sautéed

in butter, thyme, garlic and sprinkled with Pecorino cheese.


Chefs Pecan Nut Pie                                                                         R55

Golden pastry filled with sticky pecan and maple filling topped

with whipped cream.


Chocolate Crème Brulee                                                                  R40

Creamy crème brulee topped with crunchy caramelized sugar

and served with hazel nut biscuit.


Banana and Fudge Springroll                                                           R40

Two springrolls deep fried until golden and served with lemon curd ice cream.


Blueberry Crumble Cake                                                                 R45

Warm berry crumble cake served with vanilla custard.


Chocolate Brownie Trifle                                                                  R50

Layers of dark chocolate brownies, white chocolate chunks

and vanilla ice cream.

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