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Smoked Peppered Salmon Trout                                                     R60

Slivers of smoked salmon trout with lime cream cheese,

set on a bed of cucumber ribbons, wild rocket and caramelized

red onion marmalade.


Roasted Beetroot And Goat’s Cheese Tart                                       R40

Roasted beetroot and goat’s cheese in a crispy cheese pastry

case topped with red onion marmalade served with rocket salad.


Deep Fried Camembert                                                                    R65

Camembert cheese coated in sesame seeds and deep fried

until golden and served with peppadew compote and a

crispy baguette.


Peri Peri Prawns                                                                                 R55

Sautéed prawns in a garlic and peri peri butter, served with crusty bread.


Chorizo And Tomato Soup                                                                R45

Tangy tomato soup topped with spicy chorizo sausage,

served with crusty baguette.


Traditional Dhal Soup                                                                        R40

Traditional Dhal soup made with yellow split peas and chili,

topped with cucumber raita and dhania.

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